Economic Impact

There is no other venue in North Carolina that can support the volume and types of events hosted by the Arena. As the region continues to grow, it is vital to continue to attract and retain residents, jobs, and businesses; support a healthy local economy, have a viable tourism industry, and provide entertainment options that appeal to a broad demographic. PNC Arena contributes to this all, while injecting hundreds of millions into the regional economy.

Based on 2018 study, PNC Arena’s 20-year economic impact expected to be in excess of $4 billion for Wake County. As of December 2019, the Arena remained on track to reach this milestone.


54% of attendees come from within Wake County and 46% from surrounding counties


Total off-site adjusted spending for attendees of PNC arena events was nearly $27M


141,981 hotel nights in Wake Co., over $14 million in hotel expenditures annually

    • Additional $6M restaurants, $3.5M retail, $5.5M gasoline, and $3.6M in food store spending


1,958: on-site full and part-time jobs

    • 445: additional jobs generated by supplier chain industries
    • 835: additional jobs generated by businesses supported by arena supply chain and PNC employees

Each year, PNC Arena contributes more than $260 million to Wake County’s economy alone.



Average total on-site revenue generated annually



Average total off-site revenue generated annually



Revenue generated by supplier chain industries within Wake County alone



Revenue generated for industries by the dollars spent by PNC employees and the arena supply chain

Arena Details


770,000 sq. feet, a height of 108½ feet, a width of 495 feet, and a length of 635 feet.


height of 108½ feet, a width of 495 feet, and a length of 635 feetof 635 feet


Centennial Authority
height of 108½ feet, a width of 495 feet, and a length of 635 feet of 635 feet


Gale Force Sports and Entertainment (a division of the Carolina Hurricanes)