NC Senate Appointments

Philip Isley, Pat Long, Wendell H. Muprhy, Randall C. Ramsey, Cassius Williams

NC House of Representatives Appointments

Judith K. Grainger, R. Doyle Parrish, Robert W. Seligson, Kieran Shanahan, Hamilton E. Withers, III

Wake County Appointments

Brent D. Barringer, Perry R. Safran, E. Stephen Stroud, Yevonne S. Brannon

City of Raleigh Appointments

Rod Malone, Thomas A. McCormick, R.W. (Bill) Mullins Jr. , Jessie Taliaferro

Wake Co. Mayors Assn Appointments

Lucius S. Jones, Mayor John W. Byrne

NCSU Chancellor’s Appointment

W. Randolph Woodson